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Our Director Guy Thomas has been involved in education software since the late 90’s. It was around 2001 when Guy was working for Microsoft Consulting Services that he was contracted to develop a proof of concept online teacher’s journal which became the precursor to Daymap. Working with schools, in between other projects, this system slowly grew until it became a complete product in 2007.


Daymap as it is now has been in use in schools for over 10 years. While Daymap is a mature, out of the box solution Guy hopes to never consider it complete, as it continues to evolve and absorb ideas from our schools. 


One of our strengths is in working closely with schools, especially schools that have a vision for what they want from technology in teaching and learning. An example of this is our recent continuous assessment research project where we built a project team from Daymap schools across Australia and looked at ways to use technology to support continuous assessment and feedback. This project has delivered, and continues to deliver, great results.


My aim is to build software tools that are used consistently across a school by all teachers, not just because they have to, but because they find them effective and useful. And similarly to provide students with the information and structure they need to give them control and allow them to help manage their own education.


Daymap is now in 100 schools around Australia and, as we have grown, we have sought to employ people sharing the same passion for what we are doing.