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Daymap Consulting Services

In addition to our regularly scheduled training courses, Daymap Consultants are available for a range of onsite training and consulting programs which can assist in implementing a particular facet of Daymap or be designed to build overall confidence and competence amongst staff in using the various aspects of our system. 


In particular, we can assist with programs or consultancy packages for:


In-School Training Days

A Daymap Consultant will work with you to design a training day or series of sessions to be delivered onsite at your school (or via net meeting for remote schools). This could focus on topics such as Daymap Induction for teachers or support staff, or furthering skills with a specific aspect of Daymap for Curriculum Leaders, Welfare Leaders, or other key groups.


Another option for these in-house days is to focus on a particular team and work on building school-specific strategies for the use of Daymap. For example, working with Year Level Managers to develop a structure for using the Student Management tools in Daymap.



Daymap Reports Consultancy


Daymap can support the production of all of the different types of reports schools need to produce, including Interim and Semester Reports. We use templates that are easy to construct and manage, and can draw from all of the existing attendance, class list and assessment data in your school's Daymap to reduce the amount of time required for data entry when preparing reports. When combined with Daymap Connect, we can publish reports directly to the Daymap Parent Portal, eliminating the need to print reports altogether.


We offer various levels of support in managing the reporting process, from a training-based DIY model to full ongoing management of the school report cycle. 



Daymap Student Records Consultancy


Daymap Student Records are powerful forms that can be built within a school's Daymap to collect anecdotal information, record incidents, create form letters, manage NEP and ILPs and much more. Daymap Student Records can also incorporate workflow which can include notifications or manage processes like adding students to detentions or the school sick bay. They are designed to allow schools to customise Daymap to their own needs, language and practices.


We can assist in developing both standard forms and forms with workflow for to assist you in making the Daymap Student Records an invaluable tool for your school. 



If you would like to discuss any of the above consultancy services, please contact our office on 03 9879 0277.