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Connect your school community with our Daymap suite of products.

Daymap has been configured specifically for the needs and workflows of Queensland DET Schools. With full QAssure Approval, OneSchool Imports and Exports and a secure hosting solution, Daymap for EQ is now live and in use, and we'd love to share it with you!


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In addition to all of the new features in Daymap 9, Daymap for EQ includes:

OneSchool Imports and Exports

Daymap removes double handling by drawing all student and timetable data from OneSchool. OneSchool is the source of truth for all timetable, rooming and student contact data in Daymap.

Secure Cloud Hosting

As long-term Microsoft Partners, we've harnessed the power of the Azure platform to provide a best-practice, locally hosted, secure cloud solution. Teachers and students can access Daymap anywhere, on any device. 

Student Management and Attendance

We've designed the EQ Edition of Daymap with a clear understanding of the needs of QLD DET Schools. Daymap for EQ manages student late and uniform passes, excursions, SMS notifications, sick bay, confiscated items and more, and works with standard receipt printers, barcode scanners, and RFID cards as needed.

School Organisation and Communication

Daymap for EQ allows you to manage School Calendars and multiple communication types like Newsletters and Bulletins, all under one roof. Create and name your own calendars,and decide which calendars students and parents see. Manage Room Bookings, Daily Changes and more. 

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Teacher Portal

Daymap can become the one-stop shop for teachers, who can complete a wide range of administration (attendance, student needs, student behaviour) and assessment (tasks, reports, portfolios) functions in Daymap, as well as use the Teacher Portal as the hub for all internal, student, and parent communication. 

Student Portal

Likewise, the Student Portal can become a student's lifeline - a source for all diary notes, lesson information and resources, assessment tasks, school organisation and more. Our touch and mobile friendly interface makes Daymap accessible on all devices, and our web-based platform allows students to access their Daymap wherever they are. 

Parent Portal

The Daymap Parent Portal can be a great central place for parents to access school communication, but when used to its full potential, it can offer so much more. Parents can access assessment task information and see student feedback in real time, as well as monitor student progress in the areas the school chooses to publish to parents. Plus, our new Parent Portal offers branding options for schools to make their public platform their own. 

Assessment and Portfolio Tasks

Set re-usable Assessment or Portfolio Tasks, manage submission of student work, marking, and feedback. Use our flexible platform to support a continuous feedback model, giving students and parents access to requirements, deadlines, and feedback in real time. 

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