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Our ‘Managed Solution’ is a fully customisable, all-inclusive plan to assist you with the implementation and ongoing phases of embedding Daymap within your school.

Our capacity to tailor Daymap to meet individual school needs is one of the elements that sets Daymap apart. Working with us gives you control over the form, fit and function of Daymap to ensure it is visually consistent with your brand, integrates with your existing systems and matches your processes.

With a proven history of delivering innovation and adaptability in education systems we have the skills you need to shape Daymap into the system for your school.

The Daymap Managed Solution is a program built around what your school wants to achieve.

We work with you to develop a multi-year implementation plan with clear milestones and review points. We have experience implementing school systems across Australia for over 15 years and we draw on that experience to provide project planning and change management services to support and extend your existing resources.

Specific elements of the Managed Solution program can include: 

• Strategic Planning

• Implementation Planning

• Configuration and Customisations

Client Testimonials:​

• Branding

• Parent Presentation

• Train the Trainer

• Staff Presentation

• Annual Review with our structured Annual Health Check

“The Daymap Managed Solution has been invaluable to us in planning our rollout of the LMS to suit the learning curve our staff. Effective change management was a high priority for us, and our managed solution implementation plan has provided us with manageable and well-timed objectives for leadership and teaching staff each Semester. Daymap managers and support staff have provided excellent support and response times, and have been on hand to ensure the product works effectively with the daily running of the College.”
– Nick Raimondo, Prince Alfred College

“The Managed Solution Program from Daymap has been incredibly successful to date. The program has delivered a clear and structured program to ensure we deliver a successful solution to our College community. The team at Daymap are incredibly responsive and continue to work hand in hand with the College to develop the solution to meet our needs.”

Paul Griffiths, Prince Alfred College