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In-house or In the Cloud
If your school
•        is networked;
•        has a SQL server;
•        has timetabling software
You are 95% ready to have Daymap installed. Alternatively you can use DayMap hosted in our secure data centre and leave the provision and maintenance of the IT infrastructure up to us.
Loop Software will install and configure Daymap to ensure it is up and running smoothly in your school, and matches your schools particular requirements, whether you have three periods in a day or seven, 300 or 3,000 students, one campus or three.
Loop Software can provide expert education professionals to work with you on an implementation plan. Our consultants are experienced school leaders that can provide you with a depth of knowledge and expertise on implementation and change management strategies for your unique learning environment. This investment of time in the installation ensures a stable, reliable and low maintenance system - which teachers and administrators ultimately trust, and which IT staff don't need to spend valuable time maintaining.  

Ongoing support and maintenance      
Once Daymap is installed, there is very little maintenance required. The integration with the timetable and administration systems are automated and will occur seamlessly on a daily basis.
All technical support is by email/phone, is done remotely and is included in your annual licensing. This means that you don't need to wait for support, all issues can be handled quickly and efficiently by software professionals that understand the schools requirements.    

Architecture and Certifications     
Daymap is a database driven web based application utilising the full power and flexibility of SQL Server and the Microsoft .Net Framework that delivers information to a users laptop, desktop or mobile device.
Daymap currently has import packages for the following timetabling systems:
•        The Timetabler
•        CASES21(VIC)

•        OneSchool (QLD)
•        First Class
•        Synergy
•        Edval
•        EDSAS (SA)
If your timetable software is not on this list we will provide an import package for you as part of the installation.
Daymap has received the Microsoft certifications "Verified for Windows Server 2008" and ".Net connected". DayMap has also passed through a Microsoft test-lab and was approved for both certifications in the first go, with no comments.