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The Daymap Continuous Feedback Research Project will run across 2014 and will provide individual teachers from Daymap schools with the opportunity to contribute to a significant development of the Daymap Learning Management System.


Daymap is a system that is built on feedback from our Daymap Schools, and we are excited to be able to bring leading educators from the Daymap Community from different states and sectors together to making a significant contribution to the next stage of the development of the Daymap Learning Management System.



Daymap Continuous Feedback

Research Project - 2014

Project Aims


The work of Dr John Hattie (Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement, 2008) has raised awareness within the educational community of the power of meaningful, ongoing feedback in relation to student improvement. As our teaching practices evolve to include more emphasis on formative assessment, so must the tools that we use to support our teaching. 


The Daymap Continuous Feedback Project aims to engage the Daymap Community in building on the existing feedback structures in the Daymap system to develop a robust set of tools to:


  • reflect student progress and achievement  in formative assessment

  • support goal setting and tracking

  • provide tracking and progress views for teachers, parents and student

The Project Team will meet for two two-day workshops in Melbourne as well as contribute to online discussion with the wider Daymap

Community.  Further, all Daymap Schools will benefit from the work of the team through online publications, sharing of team progress and ultimately the developments in the Daymap System that result. This is an exciting opportunity both for Daymap and for those who participate in the Project Team.


To read the full project scoping paper and invitation for application for the project team, click on the PDF symbol.


Applications are now closed. Meet the 2014 Project Team here